Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Omaha Installation Specialists



Tile, Marble and Granite is where we all started!  Whatever your installation need, residential, commercial or industrial, new or existing, Installation Specialists has your solution.  We install floors, walls, fireplaces, hot tubs, backsplashes, pavers, poured shower pans using materials such as glass, marble, granite, clay, terracotta and porcelain.

We can work directly with the customer on your job from start to completion or subcontract from a builder or construction company.


Epoxy Floors require a wide variety of skills and services in order to meet the broad range of needs that clients have.  Whether you are looking for Liquid Granite or a Color Quartz floor system thin film systems, ½ inch poured industrial epoxy floors or specialized Dustless Grinding solutions, Epoxy Floors and More can help. 

Don’t worry about price if selecting one of our solid colors, vari colors, diamond colors, quartz or one of our flake system colors.  All the prices are the same!



Cross Application of Epoxies and Polyureas is something we are working with more and more these days. Installation Specialists/ Epoxy Floors and More has the exact knowledge to use Polyureas in the fast set repair of potholes in asphalt.  We use these same applications on surfaces of bridge decking as a self penetrating vapor moisture barrier that protects and prevents the deterioration of concrete from chemicals.  Other variations of Polyurea are used in control joint isolation and repair as well as the placement of recessed road lighting.




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